Administrative Law

You wouldn't be the first to ask what Administrative Law is. Simply put, Administrative Law pertains to dealing with government agencies regarding whatever topic over which they have regulatory authority. This could be anything from city planning and zoning, obtaining permits, business licensing, health codes, real estate, contractors licensing, etc. The list is as broad and complex as the government agencies themselves.

Basically, any time you need to engage, seek approval or dispute a city, state or federal agency, for any sort of permit, license or violation, you're going to want a high-performance administrative lawyer by your side. And you'll want one armed with a very unique expertise and experience to guide you through this vastly complex process.

You'll want a Hutchens Administrative lawyer. We are well-versed in the legal and political matters that lead to a successful application or appeal in any of the multitude of matters that fall under the regulatory umbrella of administrative law. In fact, our lawyers have presented seminars on how to handle administrative law cases to other lawyers.

For Example:

  • Obtaining proper licensing or permits
    • Business license
    • Liquor / cabaret licenses
    • Building and construction permit
  • Opening and operation places of public accommodation
    • Retail spaces
    • Bars / restaurants / nightclubs
    • Hotels / B&B
  • Appeal of violations (health, zoning, etc.)
  • Real estate development
  • City planning and zoning issues
  • Obtaining government incentives and benefits for property or economic development
  • Dealing with matters before state licensing agencies and handling appeals from advise/disciplinary actions

We can guide you through the complex processes with an acute awareness of the legalities that govern the various agencies and the issues under their authority.