The mechanics of incorporation are complex. You want to build your company on a solid legal foundation that can withstand the rigors and contingencies of business, and we’ve helped many successful corporations do exactly that. We’re highly experienced in successfully constructing a framework that addresses the needs of internal business and shareholder dynamics, as well as tax and regulatory considerations. As your high-performance legal counsel, we’ll advise you every step of the way throughout the lifecycle of your corporation – from the initial articles to the everyday legal matters that are inherently part of doing business. You can rely upon our proven expertise to help guide you through all the legal complexities in the formation and ongoing business operations of your corporation. Our services include:

  • Negotiating details of the formation of a new corporation amongst the shareholders
  • Establishing Officers and a Board of Directors for the Corporation
  • Filing Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State’s office
  • Obtaining an EIN for the Corporation
  • Ordering a corporate book for the Corporation
  • Drafting Bylaws for the Corporation
  • Drafting Organizational Minutes for the Corporation
  • Drafting Shareholders’ Agreements with Buyout Provisions
  • Counseling day-to-day legal issues of the Corporation
  • Filing Yearly Reports and Annual Minutes
  • Drafting Special Meeting Minutes
  • Negotiating Buyouts for shareholders
  • Negotiating addition of new shareholders and drafting relevant documents
  • Drafting Promissory Notes on behalf of the Corporation
  • Filing Articles of Dissolution
  • Negotiating contracts between the Corporation and other corporate entities
  • Providing advice regarding corporate structure
  • Advising regarding tax consequences and structural differences between an S-Corporation and a C-Corporation