As a creditor, nothing is more fundamental to protecting your interests than ensuring you can recover the money you have lent. Unfortunately, collecting unpaid debts can be an aggravating and time-consuming process.

It takes a nuanced approach that balances patience, diplomacy and resolve backed by legal expertise. There are cases in which the borrower has fallen on hard times financially, but still retains the good faith to repay the debt. But you can’t get blood from a stone as they say. We work with them patiently to structure payments in order to avoid costly litigation. But then there are those borrowers with no intention of repaying who require a firmer and more aggressive stance.

Custom Response

We tailor each collection action to the unique circumstances of each case to pursue your interests and collect what is owed efficiently and cost-effectively. Our approach always begins with a firm but friendly footing to avoid unnecessary overt conflict, but we are prepared to use all legal remedies available to our clients to recover from a debtor who is unresponsive or who refuses to pay.

We always work with you up front to discuss costs and ROI, taking into account the amount owed and the associated costs of the various legal means at your disposal in order to determine the best course of action. After all, it obviously doesn’t make sense to spend $5000 recouping $500.

We offer expertise and experience in all aspects of Collections law and use all the legal tools at our disposal in pursuing and collecting outstanding debt, which include:

•    Structured payment agreements
•    Property repossession
•    Foreclosure and eviction
•    Filing suit to obtain a money judgment

When all else fails, and the amount owed warrants it from a cost perspective, our attorneys can lend their extensive experience in pursuing your interests in bankruptcy court, state court, and federal court.