This is it. The most demanding high-performance legal discipline there is. The lawsuit in front of a judge, going head-to-head with opposing counsel. Litigation demands the highest level of legal performance, experience and expertise, with all cylinders firing full-bore in perfect precision and synchronicity.

It requires the expertise to prepare the foundation of your case, experience to command the courtroom and present your case with confidence, and synchronicity to tie all the fast-moving parts together - from parrying arguments of opposing counsel to presenting legal authority to the judge to leading the jury to the right decision.

Hutchens Law Firm delivers all the above with a track record of success spanning over 35 years.


Litigation can arise from any issue, and is the ultimate legal escalation in a dispute. It can be applicable anytime you have a dispute or claim stemming from a business transaction, personal injury, credit or debt issue, real estate transaction, or any issue in which you've suffered physical or financial damages.

We never enter into litigation lightly. It is a highly complex process. Our main concern is to protect your interests and your pocket book. We always try to exhaust all reasonable avenues to settle out of court through negotiation with opposing attorneys, and mediation but always from the strongest position available.


Despite the best efforts, sometimes conflicts reach an absolute impasse and litigation is the only recourse. When that happens we stand ready to fight for you. Our experienced team offers expertise in every step of the process through the trial. Whether you are filing a complaint against an individual or company that you believe has harmed you, or are named as a defendant in someone else's complaint against you, we will pursue and protect or defend your interests with the full force and vigor of the law.

We can represent you in all areas of civil and commercial law in state and federal court, as well as in North Carolina's three bankruptcy court districts.