Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is what most people know as the “lawsuit” to recover damages or protect your interests. When you find yourself in a position where you feel you’ve sustained damages or injuries due to the actions of another party – whether personal, physical or financial - civil litigation is the legal means to defend yourself. Civil litigation really encompasses any and all courtroom disputes outside of criminal litigation. Examples of civil litigation include: contractual disputes, lease disputes, family and estate disputes, real property disputes, medical malpractice claims, and business matters, to name only a few. If your interests are at stake – either by being wronged and filing a plaintiff lawsuit or having to defend yourself against a lawsuit – the high-performance legal team of attorneys at Hutchens Law Firm are ready to take action.

Why Hutchens Law Firm High-Performance Law?

The attorneys in our civil litigation practice have a proven and successful track record based on extensive experience. We craft your case based on our expertise in the substantive law required to research and build your case, the procedural law to represent it at court, and the reflexive insight to counter arguments as they arise during proceedings. Because litigation can be a costly undertaking, we first sit and listen to your case in detail to get a full sense of your legal standing and to advise you on all the pros and cons of your position. We want to know what your situation is, what your expectations are and how the law can help you.