Commercial Closings

We have and can handle all aspects of Commercial Transactions for buyers and lending institutions to ensure every variable is properly addressed to protect your financial interests. Each transaction has its own particular legal issues. We have the experience to get you safely through the process:

  • Buyers
    • Title search for potential issues
    • Review of surveys, environmental assessment reports
    • Review current leases, assignment of leases, transfer of deposits and Tenant Estoppel
    • Negotiation of terms both favorable and important to you as well as avoidance of known or hidden adverse terms
    • Proper zoning classifications
    • Governmental challenges
  • Certificates:
    • Zoning compliance
    • Lender requirements
    • Title insurance coverage
    • Opinion letters
  • Lending institutions:
    • Title documents and title insurance
    • Lender documents
    • Compliance with lender instructions
    • Governmental requirements and challenges
    • Negotiations with parties in the transaction