Condemnation is the governments right, when in the interest of the public, to take your land. When the government takes your property you are entitled to fair compensation for the land taken.

The Condemnation Process

The condemnation process may vary slightly depending on the situation, but in general:

  • Once the government has decided to take the property and has come up with its appraisal of how much the property is worth (fair market value), the government agency will offer the property owner a pro tanto award (a partial payment made by the government as compensation for the land being seized).
  • The government files a lawsuit if you object to this taking
  • A hearing will be scheduled where the government has to show that the monetary offer is reasonable and the property is indeed being taken for public use.
  • The property owner must respond to the lawsuit.
  • At the trial you have the right to prove what you believe is the fair amount of money you should receive.

Our lawyers can help you put together a team of surveyors, appraisers, and economic experts to convincingly present your case through negotiation, mediation, and if necessary, trial.