Real Estate Development

Real estate development can be a tremendous investment in time, effort, resources, planning, logistics and finances. It's an immensely complicated undertaking with many moving parts - from acquisition, through clearing the municipal, state or even federal regulations - any one of which can present multiple legal complications, preparation of appropriate restrictive covenants, working with surveyors/engineers, to incorporation of appropriate business entity (corporations, limited liability companies, etc.).

Considering the significance of the investment and potential profit, the last thing you want is for it all to unravel down the line due to legal vulnerabilities in contracts, permits and regulatory compliance.

Our attorneys who are experienced in real estate development law have established a respected reputation for successfully guiding clients through all the numerous variables of development projects, at every stage. We understand the stakes, the complexities, and unique legal issues to ensure your development is free from legal challenges and ready for the market.

Whether you're looking to acquire or develop raw land, we have the experience to guide you through every step of the process to help ensure your investment addresses all the regulatory and environmental hurdles for development. You can count on our experience to help you:

  • Discover and eliminate title or development issues
  • Work with local planning boards during due diligence to obtain local and state cooperation
  • Get the proper zoning
  • Deal with environmental challenges
  • Negotiate with state agencies - NCDENR, NCDOT, etc.
  • Litigate when necessary

When legal issues arise, you can count on our high-performance representation to vigorously advocate your position in order to see your development through.