Title Resolution

When you buy a property you assume you are getting good title, and it will be yours until you are ready to sell it. Title defects can come as a shock out of the blue when someone makes a claim to real estate you think you own free and clear. In the event you are suddenly faced with someone claiming an interest in your property, the first thing you should do is immediately contact an attorney. Timing can be critical in protecting your position with these types of claims, and you may have a limited time to protect your property. We have extensive experience in successfully and efficiently curing title defects for clients in all 100 counties of North Carolina. Call us if ownership of your property is in jeopardy. For more than 30 years we have seen and solved almost every possible title issue. We can protect your title whatever the challenge – whether it’s a matter of legal paperwork or litigation. Notice that your property is at risk is shocking and the problems are as varied as real estate law is complex. Some real world examples we have handled include:

  • An error in the legal description of the property on the deed you received or in your chain of title
  • A lien or mortgage superior to your interest that you did not know existed (often these have been paid just never satisfied of record) A missing interest wherein someone who had an interest in the property didn’t properly convey their interest, whether it be because they never signed the appropriate paperwork or maybe there signature was not properly notarized
  • Maybe there are two tracts of land that describe the property you purchased and you were only deeded one of the tract, so you own the home but not the driveway
  • A homeowner association that claims you own money that you don’t think you’re responsible for
  • Boundary line disputes that arise when your neighbor has planted their garden 10 feet too far and into your yard
  • Fraudulent conduct by someone in the chain of title
  • Encroachment issues that actually affect value of your home and even the improvements on your property, maybe your attached garage actually sits on the neighbor’s property and you can’t get your car out
  • Maybe you discover that you and your neighbor live in the house you intended to buy, however because of errors by the builder or closing agent you actually own the property your neighbor lives in and he owns yours. Some claims might seem almost comical when you first read them, and you think that wouldn’t happen but, unfortunately, these mistakes are serious and their consequences can be very real and damaging to your financial and property interests.

No matter the issue you’re faced with, we can help you correct the mistake or defend the claim so you can go back to enjoying your property. With our well-practiced knowledge of title law, our extensive experience in curing title defects, our in-house technology that allows us to quickly get to work to cost-effectively research public records, and our courtroom skills can quickly and efficiently identify and cure any legal defects in your title.