Business Successions

For a business owner, your business can almost feel like a child to you - having been created and nurtured sometimes over a lifetime. It's only natural that you might want to protect and provide for its interests once you move on. When you want to ensure the legacy of your business, our attorneys will help you plot and execute a legal succession to fit whatever roadmap you might envision. To help your vision become reality, we can advise you numerous strategies to:

  • Organize business succession plans for closely-held businesses
  • Employ a business succession plan in coordination with closely-held businesses to ensure the continuance of the family business
  • Develop financial plans to adequately fund the business after death
  • Structure the business for a convenient transfer of company assets and/or shares or interests of the business

Backed by Hutchens Law Firm legal counsel, you can enjoy peace of mind that the lasting legacy of your business will follow the succession you envisioned.