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A Free Trader Agreement as it relates to North Carolina property law has little to do with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) or the exporting of goods and services between countries. Rather, it is a useful tool to allow spouses to own and convey property independent of the each other. A well drafted agreement will also ensure that the parties waive martial rights that they may otherwise hold as a result of their marriage to their spouse. While the terms of such agreements vary they normally do include the following:
Since restrictive covenants can have a substantial impact on the use and value of a property, potential buyers must review all restrictions and related owners association documents prior to making an offer on a property. It is up to the buyer to determine whether the restrictions create a burden or benefit in the future. Pursuant to the standard North Carolina Offer to Purchase and Contract, the Seller is required to provide the Buyer or their agent all homeowners’ association (HOA) information regarding a property.
As a follow-up to my blog in the spring of 2016 "West Charlotte River District", I am happy to announce that on November 21, 2016, Charlotte City Council members  quickly and unanimously voted to approve the nearly 1,400 acre development consisting of office space, shops, hotels, apartments, single-family residences, retirement living and open/green spaces.
In most cases, a person’s home is their greatest investment. Consequently, the decisions involved in selling that investment should be strategic. Unfortunately, however, many sellers often make hasty decisions when hiring a real estate agent to sell their home, not realizing the damaging effects a poor hiring decision can have. 
The City of Fayetteville’s New Sign Ordinance Has Established New Standards for Your Signs
First of all, Congratulations! Paying off your mortgage is a big event. Signing the check for that last payment is every bit as exciting as signing the papers to buy that first house. But, sometimes, it can also be just as stressful. Below are 4 things to consider after you’ve made that final payment.  
If you are married and want to buy property in North Carolina, tenancy by the entirety - a type real property ownership - provides three important benefits to you:
Recently, I was presented a scenario wherein a Buyer and Seller entered into a standard Offer to Purchase and Contract with a substantial, non-refundable Due Diligence Fee.  Shortly after the Contract was executed, the Buyer began their due diligence inspections.  Prior to the completion of the inspection period, the Seller informed the Buyer that the Seller would not entertain any repair requests or reductions in the agreed upon purchase price - the property would be sold As-Is.The Buyer felt this pronouncement by the Seller was unfair.
Life Estate questions are popping up everywhere these days.  Recently we had a real estate agent call us with a question about how they should list a seller on an offer to purchase and contract because the agent did her due diligence and checked the tax record before completing her buyer’s offer to purchase. 
As those of us in the eastern region of North Carolina recover from Hurricane Matthew and assess the damage to our property, we may find the roads in and out of our homes need substantial repair in order to traverse the roadways.  The question of who is responsible for repairing the roads may be more significant and urgent now.