Alice Cain

Bankruptcy Manager


As Bankruptcy Manager for Hutchens Law
Firm’s Fayetteville office, Ms. Cain has more than 40 years’ experience in real
estate, foreclosure, and bankruptcy law. She has been at the firm since 1981,
and has been bankruptcy manager for 20 years. She previously worked for Terry
Hutchens when he opened his solo practice. Prior to working for Mr. Hutchens,
she worked in the real estate department of a Fayetteville law firm.

 As Bankruptcy Manager, she oversees a
department of 15 employees. In this role, she manages a large volume of
Trustee/Attorney/Client correspondence in order to attain resolution. She
reviews incoming documents daily in order to determine the case status and
conduct any necessary follow-up action. Ms. Cain ensures that staff members
adhere to both client and legal specifications in the preparation of all
documents. She tracks client scorecards and prepares timely responses. She
attends weekly meetings with attorneys to discuss legislative changes as they
apply to bankruptcy. She assists the client response team with client surveys
and audits. She is also responsible for auditing accounts for errors and
inaccuracies, correcting and updating their statuses accordingly.