Debra Milligan

Foreclosure Manager


Ms. Milligan, the Foreclosure Manager in Hutchens Law Firm’s Fayetteville office, offers more than 30 years’ experience as a foreclosure manager. Before joining the firm in 1996, she spent 15 years as foreclosure manager for Craig & Brisson, Attorneys at Law.

 In her position, she manages a department of 80 employees and oversees the entire foreclosure process from referral to post-sales, including eviction and loss mitigation processes. It is her role to update client guidelines and advise team leaders of any changes that have been made. She also works to ensure that her teams adhere to both client and legal specifications in the preparation of all documents. Ms. Milligan also tracks client scorecoards and prepares timely responses. She meets regularly with our attorneys to discuss legislative changes and the effect they have on the foreclosure process. In addition, she assists the client response team with client surveys and audits, and she assists our attorneys with client visits, both at the firm and at client sites.