Real Estate

Hutchens Law Firm’s real estate lawyers can offer clients a wide variety of services, including all aspects regarding purchase, sale, rental, mortgage or inherited real property whether residential or commercial, first home or fifth, personal or investment.

Many people believe they do not need an attorney involved when they are buying, selling or refinancing a residential or commercial property.  However, there are many benefits to having an experienced real estate attorney involved in the transaction. For example, real estate agents can complete an offer to purchase and a contract for you by filling in the blanks on a form approved by the real estate commission and the State Bar. However, they cannot add or draft additional clauses to the form contract.  In fact, they may not be aware that a helpful or necessary clause should be added. 

Real estate attorneys can draft or review contracts for buyers and sellers and make sure their client understands the terms and conditions of the contract and what happens if there is a breach of contract by one of the parties.  Lawyers can advise their clients of their legal rights and obligations.  Lawyers can also advise clients of the different ways to take title to a real property and how that affects who takes title to the property following death.  This will let you know if you need to revise or create a will to ensure your personal wishes for the property are met.  Lawyers and their staff also research title to the subject property to ensure good title is passed to buyers and lenders.  Lawyers can provide title opinions not only to the client but to title insurance companies and obtain title insurance for borrowers and lenders.

At our office, lawyers, not legal assistants or paralegals, meet with buyers and borrowers to review all closing documents and our lawyers are always available to review the seller’s documents with them as well, because if you have a legal question or want legal advice, we want an attorney to provide you that service.  The lawyers in our firm oversee the recording of the transfer and mortgage documents and the disbursement of all purchase and loan funds, to ensure all existing liens, including taxes, are paid and all entitled parties receive their proceeds from the transaction. 

The high performance real estate team at Hutchens Law Firm is ethical, logical, efficient, responsive and courteous.  Our team believes in building strong client relationships which aids in our ability to protect your personal and fiduciary needs. You can trust Hutchens Law Firm to meet all of your real estate needs.