Family Law

It doesn’t get more personal than family law issues. When emotions run this high, you need a clear eye and steady hand to negotiate the legal obstacles that you’re confronting. But you also want an advocate with the finesse and understanding to help you withstand and navigate the emotional pitfalls that are invariably part of any family law proceeding.

This mixture of empathy and expertise is exactly what you’ll find in the high-performance family law practice of Hutchens Law Firm.

Our attorneys can help guide you through all aspects of the initial divorce process, as well as any issues that arise afterward. We offer sound advice on issues such as post-separation support, alimony, and equitable distribution, as well as issues pertaining to your children, including child custody and support.

As your tireless advocates, we will stand up for you and weather the storm, advancing your legal position as we shield you from as much of the emotional burden as we can.

Whether you need to undertake the initial divorce filing, or need help with a dispute surrounding alimony or child custody and support after the fact, you can lean on the strength of Hutchens Law Firm to pursue your interests as our own.