Our employees are among our greatest assets, and we are dedicated to providing quality legal services in a positive, productive atmosphere.

Regardless of location, our work environments are designed to nurture and encourage creativity, innovation, and high performance. Our firm seeks qualified attorneys and support staff who possess an outstanding sense of personal ethics and integrity, excellent communication skills, a commitment to hard work, and a thorough understanding of our HIGH PERFORMANCE LAW™ philosophy. This is an area where we cannot compromise as our employees represent our brand, our reputation, our values.

Training for new employees is typically scheduled in-person at our Fayetteville location on the first day of hire. On-going training is provided throughout the years as required or recommended by our clients.

If you would like to be considered for employment with us, please use our online system below to search and apply for available positions. If we find you're a match, we will contact you to schedule a phone or in-person interview.