This is it - the lawsuit in front of a judge. Going head-to-head with opposing counsel. You need an experienced, dedicated team of trial attorneys to represent your case in court. Someone who knows the ropes, knows the players, and knows the rules.

That's the High Performance Law™ team at Hutchens Law Firm.

Litigation can arise from any issue and is the ultimate legal escalation in a dispute. It can be applicable anytime you have a dispute or claim stemming from business transactions, construction issues, HOAs & POAs and landlord/tenant issues, personal injury, credit or debt issues, real estate transactions, workers compensation claims, or any issue in which you’ve suffered physical or financial damages.

Despite the best efforts, sometimes conflicts reach an absolute impasse and litigation is the only recourse. When that happens we stand ready to fight for you. Our experienced team is with you in every step of the process through the trial. Whether you are filing a complaint against an individual or company that you believe has harmed you, or are named as a defendant in someone else’s complaint against you, we will pursue and protect or defend your interests with the full force and vigor of the law.

When credit default disputes become intractable, you may be forced to file or defend a lawsuit. Successful litigation demands a solid foundation through knowledge of default, banking, and regulatory law; the intricate procedures of trial practice, from motions to appeals; and the firm resolve and confidence that can only come with experience. Examples of issues that can arise in mortgage litigation include Foreclosure Challenges, Mortgage Lien Litigation, REO Litigation, and Eminent Domain Challenges.

We can represent you in all areas of civil, business, and commercial law in state and federal court as well as in North Carolina's three bankruptcy court districts and the bankruptcy district for the State of South Carolina. (NOTE: For bankruptcy, we represent lenders and mortgage companies, not those claiming bankruptcy).

Civil Litigation is available in our Fayetteville location (NC) | For creditors' rights clients requiring civil litigation, this services is also available in Charlotte and Columbia.