Charlotte - SouthPark Area

The Charlotte office of Hutchens Law Firm is located in the SouthPark area of the Queen City, and our primary focus areas include litigation, real estate law, and creditors’ rights.

Partners Walt Pettit and Lauren Thurmond manage this office which employs six additional attorneys and a dozen more support staff. Associate attorneys in our Charlotte office include Jeff BundaJohn Renger, Bess Reynolds, Brandon Spleen, and Michael Stein.

Charlotte is a major city and commercial hub in the state. As the world headquarters of Bank of America, as well as the East Coast home to Wells Fargo, Charlotte is the nation’s second-largest banking hub — just behind New York City. Our convenient Southpark location allows us to work smartly alongside our clients for all of their default services needs.  

Because of the robust growth in the area, we also provide real estate legal services such as local residential and commercial closings, refinances, construction loans, title searches, and document preparation. Attorneys Bess Reynolds and John Renger focus their attention on real estate matters.

If you're considering buying real estate in the Charlotte region, we can help.