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If you're new to Foreclosure sales, check our FAQs:

No. The Lender opens with the minimum bid, and any other bidder may not bid any less than the lender’s opening bid amount.
In North Carolina, there is a 10-day confirmation period where each person’s bid must stand before it is final. Each time a new bid is placed during this confirmation period, a new 10-day confirmation period begins. In South Carolina, the bid is final on the day of the sale unless a deficiency is demanded
Hutchens Law Firm cannot grant you access to enter or inspect the property.
The deposit must be 5% of your bid or $750.00, whichever number is greater. Please note: when you place a bid, your deposit must be in the form of certified funds.
In North Carolina: No. You must bring certified funds with you to deposit with the trustee after the sale. You cannot leave after the sale is held to obtain certified funds for your deposit with the trustee. If you are unable to produce certified funds after the sale, you may file an upset bid during the confirmation period. In South Carolina: Please consult the Notice of Sale and Court's office for payment requirements.
The properties are sold ‘as is, where is’ subject to all taxes, assessments and liens of record. The bidder should retain counsel to assist in answering specific questions about foreclosures, taxes and priority of liens. The trustee is unable to provide this information.
Dates and times for all active non-judicial foreclosure sales are reflected on this site, and as soon as an opening bid is available, the listing is updated with the opening bid.