When lenders, banks, mortgage servicers, landlords, and creditors need legal representation in North Carolina and South Carolina, they seek our Firm.

Our Firm started in this field nearly four decades ago. Our strategies are designed to help you successfully maneuver* through the default process in order to protect your interests, mitigate losses, and provide you with possible solutions while ensuring the debtors are treated with dignity and respect during their difficult times.

By the book. On time. Within allowable fees**.

Our reputation for HIGH PERFORMANCE LAW™ stems from our priorities and investments:

  • Established Industry Presence for since 1980 - Recognition and awards from industry associations, clients, and peers attest to our commitment to client satisfaction. Long-time members of the USFN (America’s Mortgage Banking Attorneys), we’ve received the USFN Diamond Award each year since 2007. We also serve as members of the National Mortgage Bankers Association, North Carolina Bankers Association, Mortgage Bankers of the Carolinas, North Carolina Creditors’ Bar Association, American Legal & Financial Network, and Women in Legal Leadership.
  • Providing clients with onsite continuing education - We travel nationwide to provide training and education to clients upon request, and we speak at seminars and conferences held by the USFN, MBA, and other industry organizations.
  • Minimizing your costs through technological efficiencies – Our proprietary case management software allows for seamless workflow reporting and document tracking by streamlining every aspect from legal research to data and document management. These efficiencies support our pledge to work within agreed upon budgets** and related benchmarks while keeping clients fully informed.
  • Commitment to Compliance - Using our own staff and attorneys provides accountability, efficiency, oversight, and we believe yields higher quality results*. Full compliance done right, timely, and securely. Hutchens Law Firm has received a “no objection” determination from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for each of the many servicer clients who have requested that review. We have fully executed legal retention agreements from each of the GSEs in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

*Note: Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. Prior results are no guarantee of future outcomes.
**Note: Clients are responsible for costs in addition to attorney fees.