The opening of our office in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2014 officially expanded our footprint into both Carolinas.

Located in the state's capital, the office of Hutchens Law Firm employs six attorneys and over 30 dedicated staff members. Partner John S. Kay and Alan Stewart are at this location, backed by attorneys Ashley Stanley, Louise M. "Ceasie" Johnson, Sarah Leonard, and K. Gregory Wooten.

The county of Richland is believed to have been named for its "rich land." Being geographically centered in the state - what's now called the Midlands - and surrounded by rivers made it an important trade and manufacturing center for cotton and other produce being grown, harvested, shipped, and processed. Columbia became the state capital when the state legislature decided to move the capital from Charleston in 1786. Today, over 400,000 people live in the county with over 132,000 living in Columbia itself.

At the Columbia office of Hutchens Law Firm, our primary area of practice is default servicing which includes foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, litigation, title curative, REO (real estate owned by lenders), and eviction.

We also provide real estate law services including residential and commercial closings, construction loans, refinancing, document preparations, and title searches in this location as well. So if you're considering buying real estate in Richland County, we can help.