I Have an Appointment with a Lawyer. Now What?

Seeking a lawyer’s help can come at a stressful time in your life.  You may be starting a new business and you need help setting up an LLC, or you may have just been sued and you do not know what to do.  Not only do you have the stress added by your legal issue, you now have an appointment for an initial consultation with a local attorney, but you have no idea of what to expect.  Meeting with an attorney may be a new and foreign experience and it is the goal of this article to give you some insight on what will happen in your initial consultation. 

"Bye Bye Bye" To Selfies… While You Vote

If you follow social media, you have surely seen the trending topic regarding Justin Timberlake’s controversial selfie while casting his vote.  In our media age of constantly photo and video documenting our lives, our millennial mind set tends to be that our lives are an open book and nothing is off limits.  Surprisingly for so many facebookers, instragramers, snapchatters, and redditers, there are certain legal limitations.  

Guard Your Tax Refund

Tax refund time is that one special time during the year, after suffering through the arduous task of paying taxes, where we as tax payers get to reverse the roles and have Uncle Sam send us money for a change.  A refund gives a great feeling of liberation and relief when you observe that extra boost of income in your account.  A refund check has become anticipated income that many expect to have available, and without which, many people could not pay unexpected expenses or begin the process of catching up on bills and car payments.  

Halloween and Your Home (Trick, Treat, or Lawsuit?)

In 2012, I moved from the backwoods of Oregon to Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Finally living in a city, I was so excited because I thought I would finally get my first trick-or-treaters!  I purchased a plastic pumpkin candy bucket and two huge bags of candy from the local Food Lion, and when October 31st rolled around, I was ready.  Sadly, I did not take into account that I lived at the end of a dark street, and unfortunately went another three years of eating all the candy by myself (or maybe not so unfortunate).